Go nude or go home

hi guys! 

Have been working on this post for the day and now that I just got home from work, I can finally put it up!

Today’s outfit is all about that simplicity and nude. Everybody who knows me know that I’m not a color kinda garl. Bring me the nudes, pastels and black and I’m a very happy girl. I just enjoy to keep it simple.

It’s the perfect look for a shopping trip with your girlfriends or a casual day out with your loved one (which was totally my case) :p

Combine your basics with bang jewelry and low top white canvas and there you have it… You got a confortable, pretty and chic look.

Shop the look: http://pt.benetton.com/shop/pt_pt/mulher/jeans/jeans-skinny/calcas-de-ganga-pin-up-100450.html Skinny Jeans EUR29,95

http://www.michaelkors.com Runway Oversized Gold-Tone Watch EUR275

http://www.swarovski.com Simplicity Ring EUR179

http://www.converse.com Low top Canvas EUR60

4 thoughts on “Go nude or go home

    1. Thank you so much! I apreciate the kind words. And I can totally relate to that. I’m the girl that always wears blacks or nudes. But I’m like that on everything, I think it looks more clean and put together. But I love to see people that can rock a colour outfit.
      Xoxo, Rita


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