Oh that’s SO fruity of you

Hi guys!

new day means a new post on the blog. Today it’s another health/fitness related.

If you are anything like me and spend a lot (and I really mean A LOT) of time on your laptop or even watching tv, then you know that snacks are our best friends. But we have the chance to choose what we want to snack on.

While I’m working on the blog or watching my tv shows (which to me would be Pretty Little Liars, Empire or The Vampire Diaries) I always feel the need to eat something, and to me that something is fruit. I LOVE FRUIT! Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with work and fruit is so easy to prepare and thats why I go for it instead of going for a peanut butter jelly sundwich.

My tip is to keep lots of diferent fruits on your house so if you have the right foods you will eat right and never get sick of them because there are so many to choose from.

Processed with Rookie  It is also very important to drink water but I know that some of you may not enjoy it because it doesn’t have a taste. In that case make infused water with berries and lemon or orange with mint leaves… There’s so many options. To me it was a diferent problem. I love drinking water but pouring into a glass or drinking out of a bottle was always to boring for me. The key for me was buying huge and cute cups so that I don’t need to fill up every five seconds and it became fun to drink out of them. Processed with Rookie Try these little changes, they are not so drastic and you may stick to them easily.

Xoxo, Rita


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