Part 2 | Part-Time Blogging: How to?

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you my first ever collab with another blogger. I’ve joyned forces with blogger Aymie Barton to show you our 10 tips on How To part-time blogging. 

 I’ve recently started my blog and so far there wasn’t a day that I didn’t posted something. That takes effort and consistency from you if you want to do this a long term career, which is my case.

Blogging is my hobby that I would love to transform into a full-time job but it takes time and that is something that I don’t have much these days. 

 From having a part-time job at a clothing store and being a college student and working out (which is very important for me), and blogging sometimes I feel my days should be 72 hours long. I’m at my lunch break from work right know and it’s the only time that I have to post today. So let’s get started

 1. Manage your time
Make sure you take this serious. If you want to do this a career than take it as it is. Try to not mix personal life with professional life. It’s important to be consistente but it’s also important to don’t go crazy.
That lead’s us to the next tip… 

 2. Write down a schedule
Write it down! Make sure you have everything scheduled and you know exactly what you need to do in this moment and don’t get confused about what to do next.
So for that… 

 3. Plan ahead
Make sure you have ideas for your near future posts. Whenever you brain storm, take notes and after, see what you want to do first or what you don’t want to do at all. What seem a good idea in a minute, a minute after may not be that good. 

4. Make every single minute count
If you’re at work, school, or whatever and you only have a short period of time to dedicate to your blog, make it count!
Don’t play arround. Get focused, get your work done and than go enjoy yourself. 

 5. Have FUN!
Whenever it stops being fun, then it’s because it’s not meant to be. Even though sometimes I’m super tired and feel super overwhelmed, I still love the feeling of blogging. Knowing that there’s people out there that care about what you say is
the best feeling ever and this feeling of having so much stuff to do in so short period of time it’s what keeps me alive!
I love to be occupied with work but I still find time to be with the people that I love.
Enjoy this journey. 

There you have it… my top 5 tips on how to make time to part-time blog.
Check out Aymie Barton blog to see what she has to say about this topic! 

Xoxo, Rita


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