DIY: Coffee Scrub

Hi guys!

Today I’m bringing you my holy grail coffee scrub. I know that you can actually buy products like this, but if I have the products at home I’m just going to do it myself.

This is the scrub that I’ve been using for over a year now, and it works so good and smells even better! 🙂

What you will need:

Coffee (of course :P)


The grains of coffee really help to exfoliate the skin and take out the dead skin that you have on your body. And it’s natural, that’s a plus.

Raw Honey


Raw honey is amazing for the skin! First it can slow down the aging process, second it’s super moisturizing and will give that extra glow to your skin and finally opens up your pores making them easy to unclog.

Coconut oil

Processed with Rookie

Coconut oil is so good for so many things! To prepare food, to put on your hair… The list goes on and on. But the reason why I use it in the scrub is because it helps blending all the ingredients together and it will help with microbial infections on the skin.

Optional ingredient:

Cocoa Powder


If you don’t like the smell of coffee but like the smell of chocolate, this will help you. Add this to the mixture and you won’t smell much of the coffee on the scrub.

Add the ingredients to a bowl, mix them together until it looks something like this:


And there you have it!

Now you just need to storage this in a glass container and it’s ready to be used.

I do this once a week but even once a month will make a difference on your skin.

Xoxo, Rita


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