Fitness Monday | Breakfast

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É sempre à segunda-feira que se começa a dieta, certo? Então acho que é super propicio fazer um post sobre fitness, sempre que possivel, todas as segundas! E o melhor é começar pelo início do dia e o dia começa-se com o pequeno almoço! Normalmente, o meu pequeno almoço consiste em: meio copo de corn flakes, iogurte de soja natural da Alpro, 1 banana com sementes de linhaça e chia por cima. Eu adoro! Mantem-te saciada e com energia. 


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You’re going to start your fitness journey on Monday right? Well, if so I am giving away my recipe for the best breakfast ever! I love eating breakfast and I do think it’s the most important meal of the day so I start it off with: half a cup of corn flakes, 1 natural flavor soy yogurt, 1 banana and sprinkle seeds like chia seeds on the top. End it off with some coffee on the side and voilá! Ready in 2 minutes and super tasty.

Xoxo, Rita

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Blend your beauty

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IMG_3891 IMG_1932_2

Olá meninas!

Ontem chegou o meu primeiríssimo Beauty Blender. Depois destes anos todos a ouvir falar maravilhas desta pequena esponja cor de rosa, decidi-me finalmente a comprá-la. O meu instrumento de aplicação tem sido, nos últimos 3 anos, o pincel F80 da Sigma e adoro-o, obviamente. Apesar do seu acabamento incrível estava na altura de mudar, já para não dizer que assim é mais uma coisa para escrever no blog para vocês meninas!

Adquiri o meu beauty blender através do site e optei por comprar aquela que trazia o pequeno sabonete para a limpeza da esponja porque é mais conveniente assim, utilizar e lavar assim previne fungos e outro tipo de bactérias se acumulem na esponja que por sua vez vai ser utilizada para aplicar a base na nossa cara.

Como podem ver à primeira vista é uma esponja pequena e que com a abundância de água irá expandir para o tamanho que vemos na terceira foto do lado direito.

Recebi-a ontem e é claro que hoje tinha de experimentar e como dizem os americanos: “So far so good”. Adorei como é fácil de fazer o blending com esta esponja e estranhamente refrescante ao sentir a humidade da esponja na pele.

Vou manter-vos informadas através do twitter ao longo dos próximos dia para saber se realmente é boa para a minha pele ou se foi apenas amor à primeira vista.

Visitem o site: para obterem a vossa Beauty Blender com sabonete de limpeza por apenas EUR18,40

Xoxo, Rita


English post

Hi beautiful!

Yesterday arrived my first ever Beauty Blender. After all these years of hearing people talk wonders about this little pink sponge I’ve decided to see for myself. I’ve been applying my foundation with my F80 from Sigma for the past 3 years and I love it but I’ve been wanting to try this for so long and now with the blog I can just use the excuse to buy new products and then review them for you.

I got my Beauty Blender from and I decided to get the one that come with the mini solid cleanser to clean the Beauty Blender properly so that we’re not putting any bacteria on our face because that’s not cool.

As you can see it’s a little sponge that goes bigger when you put it under running water (as you can see on right of the picture).

I got it yesterday and as we all say… So far so good. I love the way it blends the foundation and it feels so good and refreshing on the skin.

I’m going to keep you guys posted on twitter about how I really feel about this throught this month because we never know it may work at first and than it can change.

You can get the Beauty Blender on Sephora or at Take a look 🙂

Xoxo, Rita

DIY: Coffee Scrub

Hi guys!

Today I’m bringing you my holy grail coffee scrub. I know that you can actually buy products like this, but if I have the products at home I’m just going to do it myself.

This is the scrub that I’ve been using for over a year now, and it works so good and smells even better! 🙂

What you will need:

Coffee (of course :P)


The grains of coffee really help to exfoliate the skin and take out the dead skin that you have on your body. And it’s natural, that’s a plus.

Raw Honey


Raw honey is amazing for the skin! First it can slow down the aging process, second it’s super moisturizing and will give that extra glow to your skin and finally opens up your pores making them easy to unclog.

Coconut oil

Processed with Rookie

Coconut oil is so good for so many things! To prepare food, to put on your hair… The list goes on and on. But the reason why I use it in the scrub is because it helps blending all the ingredients together and it will help with microbial infections on the skin.

Optional ingredient:

Cocoa Powder


If you don’t like the smell of coffee but like the smell of chocolate, this will help you. Add this to the mixture and you won’t smell much of the coffee on the scrub.

Add the ingredients to a bowl, mix them together until it looks something like this:


And there you have it!

Now you just need to storage this in a glass container and it’s ready to be used.

I do this once a week but even once a month will make a difference on your skin.

Xoxo, Rita

Part 2 | Part-Time Blogging: How to?

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you my first ever collab with another blogger. I’ve joyned forces with blogger Aymie Barton to show you our 10 tips on How To part-time blogging. 

 I’ve recently started my blog and so far there wasn’t a day that I didn’t posted something. That takes effort and consistency from you if you want to do this a long term career, which is my case.

Blogging is my hobby that I would love to transform into a full-time job but it takes time and that is something that I don’t have much these days. 

 From having a part-time job at a clothing store and being a college student and working out (which is very important for me), and blogging sometimes I feel my days should be 72 hours long. I’m at my lunch break from work right know and it’s the only time that I have to post today. So let’s get started

 1. Manage your time
Make sure you take this serious. If you want to do this a career than take it as it is. Try to not mix personal life with professional life. It’s important to be consistente but it’s also important to don’t go crazy.
That lead’s us to the next tip… 

 2. Write down a schedule
Write it down! Make sure you have everything scheduled and you know exactly what you need to do in this moment and don’t get confused about what to do next.
So for that… 

 3. Plan ahead
Make sure you have ideas for your near future posts. Whenever you brain storm, take notes and after, see what you want to do first or what you don’t want to do at all. What seem a good idea in a minute, a minute after may not be that good. 

4. Make every single minute count
If you’re at work, school, or whatever and you only have a short period of time to dedicate to your blog, make it count!
Don’t play arround. Get focused, get your work done and than go enjoy yourself. 

 5. Have FUN!
Whenever it stops being fun, then it’s because it’s not meant to be. Even though sometimes I’m super tired and feel super overwhelmed, I still love the feeling of blogging. Knowing that there’s people out there that care about what you say is
the best feeling ever and this feeling of having so much stuff to do in so short period of time it’s what keeps me alive!
I love to be occupied with work but I still find time to be with the people that I love.
Enjoy this journey. 

There you have it… my top 5 tips on how to make time to part-time blog.
Check out Aymie Barton blog to see what she has to say about this topic! 

Xoxo, Rita

I Nike It So Much

Hi guys!

Today’s post is all about my gym essentials.

I am a Nike lover ever since I started working out back in 2010 (and even before) when I was 15 years old. It may seem early but I was only doing cardio and not lifting weights which has changed throught the years. I’m truly a fitness lover, working out is my favorite time of the day, it’s the time that I have for myself and think about everything while I’m there.

IMG_3385  I think that if you feel good in your workout gear it’s going to be one more reason to make you workout more often. I put my Nike gear and I feel good and confortable which is also very important when talking fitness.

My workouts consistes in 6o minutes of cardio (30 in the beginning and 30 at the end) and 45-50 minutes of weight lifting and I always finish my workouts with some abs and never forget to stretch.


Cardio doesn’t mean that you have to be running for a hour and when your heart is on the floor is when you’re done. I find skiping rope very fun and it’s definitly a very good workout that puts your heart beat up. Do your cardio but never forget to hydrate because you’re sweating and you need to put water back to your system.


I’m not a vegan but I try to eat fruits and veggies more than I eat meat or fish so for that reason I take this 100% Pea Protein from MyProtein to give me the amount of protein that I need for my body. I usually take it after my workout but sometimes I even take it as my breakfast. The only thing that I would say about this protein is to mix it up with some fruit that you like because it doesn’t taste the best. I usually mix it with a banana and it tastes super yummy and sweet because of the fruit.

Don’t forget to keep your body moving and take the nutrients that your body needs and not what your mind tells you to eat. Nourish your body.

Shop the post: EUR13,39 EUR89,99 (In stores) £65 (EUR90)

Xoxo, Rita